Contributing to AshTag

All are welcome to contribute to AshTag!

If you’re a coder and you’d like to help out, then you’re already reading the docs which is an excellent start. Continue reading to get going.

If you’re not a coder, you can still help! Send your ideas to us by adding an ‘issue’ here:

Code style

While we’re very grateful for contributions, we also like clean code! If you’d like to contribute any python code, please make sure you have read PEP-8 and PEP-257 first.

Your editor should be using soft tabs, set to 4 spaces, and should remove any trailing whitespace when you save.

If you are using something like vim or emacs, you can install flake8 to ensure you stay on the straight and narrow ;)

If you are using any other editor, why not add to these docs so we all know how to stay on the straight and narrow!